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Launching new products on the market? Need some support from a professional team? We specialise in designing, planning, and implementing products. We have been successfully assisting our clients for 7 years.

Our team helps clients to implement projects at all stages of development, from concept to mass production.

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Fast and effective collaboration

Our work is organized in an iterative model based on agile methodologies. Making the process efficient saves you time and money.

Purity of copyrights

Once the cooperation has been completed, we transfer full rights to the results of the work to our clients.

Safety and efficiency of implementation

We gather specialists in many fields and employ a team of more than 60 engineers. To date, we have completed over 100 projects. Numerous times we have implemented projects of key business importance for our clients.

Develop with us a product that will amaze your customers.

Should you have an idea for a pioneering electronic gadget, project of a new device for industry or need to modify an existing device with some extra functionality, you are at the right address.

Check out how we can help you.


Product development

We provide comprehensive support that helps to create a product all the way from concept to mass production, step by step.

We follow the Lean Hardware methodology, which involves a comprehensive approach to product development, enabling at the same time quick verification of business assumptions: all in the natural course of technical product development.


Technical consultancy

Do you find yourself in a situation where:

  • You have faced a challenge that you are not dealing with?
  • You need advice in defining the strategic direction of a product / project development?
  • Or perhaps you lack specialists in some specific area, a situation that impedes the development of your project?

Get help you need from our team of engineers.


R&D Projects & Support

Looking for professional support in a specific area on a challenging project?

As a function of the technical challenge, we match the right scope of competence to achieve the desired results.

We can help with:

  • electronic circuit design,
  • industrial design,
  • industrial machinery design,
  • software development.
Product development

Implement your product idea with us

There is no need to work with multiple companies and organise the entire product development process. Work with us to save your time and money.

Product Development is a process that aims to develop and launch a new product or a modified version of an existing product. This is where we can help. It all depends on the level of your idea. We can help you to refine the concept, create your first prototype, improve the current version of the prototype, or prepare and organise production.

We are willing to take on project challenges such as:

  • consumer product (e.g., electronic gadget),
  • improvement or modification of an existing device,
  • design of a new device for industry,
  • a wide range of product innovations.
Concept analysis

Got a concept outline and a general idea, but not sure how to carry it all out?

With us, you can find the optimal strategy for the technical development of your project. Having a well-thought-out concept is a more effective way to future production and profitable business.

Within the framework of the stage, we draw up a list of technical and functional requirements, then perform solution research. The result of this stage is: 

  • development of initial technical specification of the product,
  • a multi-level list of materials and components (so-called BOM),
  • plan for further product development to the stage of serial production or e.g., implementation/installation of an industrial machine.
Incubation and verification

Incubation is the initial stage of practical verification of selected solutions and theoretical assumptions. The overriding premise is to use as few resources as possible to make observations and draw key engineering conclusions.

During this stage a Proof of Concept (PoC) prototype will be made. The PoC prototype concentrates on testing key functionalities. The PoC serves as a low-cost validation of the potential for further product development.

Acceleration and prototyping

Acceleration is the prototyping and testing stage. We develop the basic shape of the device, iteratively introduce improvements and prioritise functionalities on the intersection of business needs and technical requirements.

At this stage we recommend at least two prototypes. First, a minimally functional prototype (MFP), then a completly functional prototype (CFP).

The MFP prototype focuses on the performance of key functionalities, then the CFP prototype integrates the functionality with the design requirements.

Why do we prototype?
The sooner we make tests, observations and conclusions, the more errors and improvements can be found for less money.

Preparing for production

It is an engineering process aimed at optimising a product so that it is both easy to manufacture and as cost-effective as possible. In this phase we make the final checks to adapt the design to production on the developed and selected technology. The design will be adapted to the production conditions, especially in terms of production operations.

Product and production optimisation

A product evolves over time, even after production or market launch. We can turn observations into suitable technical modifications. We also offer consultancy support in evaluating and optimising production.

TechOcean is a trusted technology partner

Until today, we have managed to cooperate on over 100 projects with our clients. We appreciate good relations, willingly and courageously engaging ourselves in exciting project challenges.

We approach our daily duties with full professionalism. In our work we cooperate with many industries, facing countless challenges every day. All of our assignments are approached with determination and efficiency.

Save time & money

We offer competitive prices for equally professional services. We know how to save money. Our efficiency means your savings.

Choose trust and cooperation

We are a transparent and committed partner. There is no project without challenges, and we always communicate risks openly. Just as in private life, in business we focus on durable and positive relationships, which we are willing to build also with your company.

Stay ahead of the competition and gain a market advantage

In our projects we focus on proven and possibly modern solutions. Transform your vision into a physical technological product.

Years of operations in the field of new technologies and R&D projects

More than 30 satisfied customers

Engineers in our team

More than 100 implemented and finished projects

Electronic design

We design electronics, devices and prototypes. IoT / IIoT, Smart Home, Cloud or Industry 4.0 projects is our everyday life.

Machine and robot construction

We deal with the implementation of individual orders. Our projects include the design and construction of machines for such industries as agriculture, medicine, aviation, toy manufacturing, textile industry and electronic vehicles.

Industrial design

Make your product stand out from the competition. Our industrial design specialists ensure that your design not only complies with the latest market trends but is also understandable for the user.

Software development

We develop dedicated software that enables our clients to integrate intelligent technologies into their operations and processes. We enhance and complement the products we build with intelligent software solutions.

What makes us special?

We approach our daily duties with complete professionalism. We cooperate with numerous industries, facing a multitude of challenges on a daily basis. We approach our assignments with determination and efficiency.

Save time and money

We offer competitive prices for professional services. We know where to look for savings.

Comprehensive cooperation

Support at every stage of project development. We think daringly and work efficiently.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team includes electronics engineers, programmers, designers, constructors, integrators and 3D printers.


Selected projects. Should you be interested, please contact us.

Emulator RFID BLE

Development of the project based on the delivered prototype: PCB development, testing and adjustments. Serial production of devices: 25 units.

Underwater camera

A camera capable of operating autonomously in underwater conditions for one year. The product itself was created in cooperation with the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Sea current measurement system

System based on GPS and inertial navigation designed for coaches and racing sailors to determine the direction and speed of the sea current. It was used at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

System audio

Comprehensive project implementation. Coordination of activities with other entities, development of analogue PCBs, full development of PCBs for digital electronics with ethernet communication, enclosure design, macOS application.

Vision-based quality control system

Solution based on a vision system to evaluate the quality of the technological process. Project carried out from concept to implementation.

Automatic feeder

CFP prototype implementation based on the mechanism model provided by the customer.

Rapid prototyping and 3D printing

Test your concept in no time. Quick verification is the easiest way to save money during intensive and dynamic project development. We support entrepreneurs and engineering teams who need a professional subcontractor for CAD design and 3D printing.

Unique partnerships

We make every possible effort to fulfill the goals agreed with our clients and contribute to your next success.

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No matter what is your scale, structure, or project. We know how to develop solutions that meet your needs.

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