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Do you have an item and want to copy it? We will design it and prepare a 3D model for printing.

You don’t have a project yet? No problem, we will help you step by step – we will design and print any element in 3D.

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Instructions for 3D Printing

The implementation process is very simple. You’ll probably find out how much your 3D print will cost the next day.

Send your inquiry

please send the model in .stl format to the e-mail address:

In the case of absence of such a file – please provide any kind of description, dimensions or any extra photos, drawings, visualizations. Additional information about dimensions, key requirements, the expected result of 3D printing or material is always welcome and will help our specialists.

Stay in touch

Please always remember to leave your contact details (e-mail, telephone). If necessary, we’ll be contacting you whenever important technical questions may arise.


We respond within one business day at the latest (mostly up to 24 hours).

3D printing

In the case of cooperation and after accepting the assumptions and scope of the service – we start the 3D printing process and any additional machining processes as agreed with the client.


The 3D print is ready for shipment. It is also possible to pick it up in our office (Warsaw, ul. Domaniewska 37A, room 105).

You are in the right place

We do it quickly and on time!

For the sake of your time, we are constantly improving the 3D design process and production of elements, reducing the waiting time for final print to a minimum. Our specialists will keep you updated on the progress of work.


We approach each order individually so that the 3D-printed element is in line with your expectations. We attach great importance to details, which is why our projects are so unique.

Quality first

Thanks to 3D printing, we will precisely transfer your unique idea from imagination to reality. Our 3D printers allow you to receive high-quality components for a wide range of applications.

We print for professionals

Thanks to comprehensive support in 3D printing, we are becoming a permanent business partner for many of our clients. We act quickly and effectively. Internally developed standards and methods of effective operation are appreciated by a wide range of clients.

We use the latest technologies

We use FDM technology, one of the most popular 3D prototyping technologies in the world. It allows getting complex shapes and structures that are beyond the reach of conventional methods, such as milling or casting. Thanks to the use of plastics, 3D printing costs are relatively low.

We support files in all the most popular formats:







 At our headquarters in Warsaw, we offer 3D prints using such materials as:






...and many others!

A full list of filaments for 3D printing is available on the 3D Reaktor store website. If you need a printout with very specific properties that the above materials do not guarantee – do not hesitate and contact us for recommendation and help.


We have a wide range of colors. For specific requirements please contact us.









...and many others!

Ask for project estimation

It doesn’t matter what your scale, structure or design is – we have the knowledge and know-how to develop solutions that suit your needs.

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