Custom design of industrial machinery

Machine design and construction

We deal with the realisation of individual orders. We design and build machines. What distinguishes us is our uniqueness, punctuality, and reliability. We select components appropriately, so that the operation of the machine is effective.

We care about the final product to provide long-term use and failure-free operation. We develop solutions based on an original design or provided documentation and conceptual materials. 

We always try to select solutions tailored to the needs, expectations, and capabilities of the ordering party.


Machine design and construction

We aim to understand your needs and provide you with full support. We will prepare 3D models (CAD) allowing to use them for technical documentation (CNC, 3D printing). We use world-class, licensed CAD software. We also perform strength analyses (FEA). After successfully designing a machine with ready technical documentation, we can provide professional support with the organisation and management of the supply chain of components and final integration of the machine.

Technical and executive documentation

We prepare contributions, supporting documentation for applications and EU competitions or we support entrepreneurs with technical contributions for patent and design applications. The scope of work depends on the need; however, it is usually professional preparation of technical documentation, including technical drawings of components and machines, electrical diagrams, operating and assembly instructions, etc.

Structural calculations and strength analysis (FEA)

Strength analysis (FEA) is the analysis of phenomena occurring in structures subjected to external loads. By predicting the level of stresses or possible deformations, it is possible to design a structure with the required strength. Strength analysis (FEA) minimises prototyping and testing costs and can also be used to optimise the shape of the structure. These calculations can cover both static and dynamic issues. Numerical calculations are also used to determine the causes of potential failures, defects, or degradation.



Control design


Production of control cabinets


Device wiring


PLC programming






Integration and commissioning of machinery and equipment

Accelerate the development of innovative projects with TechOcean

Experienced interdisciplinary team

Our team consists of more than 50 engineers – automation specialists, mechanics, constructors, designers, electronics, programmers, and software engineers who work with us.



We transfer copyrights and all created files relevant to the further development of the project within the scope of cooperation.

Challenging projects

We specialise in unique projects. We are not afraid to take on the most demanding and complicated projects.

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