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Electronics and firmware design

We deal with electronics design, device design and prototyping.

IoT / IIoT projects, Smart Home, Cloud or solutions for Industry 4.0 are our daily business. We design analogue and digital electronics, including PCBs. We are experienced in handling sensors, various types of sensors, motors, PLC programming and IoT systems. We apply modern methods of design and creation of technical documentation, which enables the implementation of electronic devices designed by us into mass production, significantly reducing implementation costs.

We carry out projects for serial production, as well as one-off implementations. We offer support at every stage of the process of creating an electronic product, from the concept to the prototype and the final version of the device.


Creation of a complete prototype from concept to series production

Together we will develop and prepare for production your new product, or a modified version of an existing device equipped with new functionalities. We only need your concept and vision, leave the rest to us. All the technical coordination of the project is in our hands.

Overview and selection of suitable electronic solutions

At this stage, we analyse the requirements and assumptions obtained from the customer, identify problems, challenges and potential risks. Subsequently, we search for possible technical solutions, bearing in mind the target scale of production and the planned design. This phase provides the general outlines, possibilities and limitations for implementation.

Development of the system architecture (flow chart)

The architecture defines the division of the electronic device (system) into subsystems and determines the functions of these subsystems and relations between them.

The system architecture is a drawing representation of the device structure.

Development of the detailed wiring diagram

At this stage we create a construction document, a detailed electrical diagram, which depicts the components of an electrical object and the connections between them using standardised graphic symbols. The schematic illustrates the actual connections or interdependencies existing in the system.

PCB Design

As part of the cooperation, we implement the design of printed circuit boards (PCB), organise the production of a target number of pieces and deal with assembly.

We produce custom PCBs in both prototype and serial quantities.

As a result of cooperation, we create production files and help with production documentation.

Functional testing of electronic circuits

Functional prototype testing enables the detection of problems and their rapid correction at the conceptual stage. The tests examine what the system, subsystem or module in question does and whether it actually works in accordance with the theoretical concept. Preliminary tests simulate the operation of the device and use according to the assumed use cases.

Preparation of the BOM and technical documentation

At this stage we create a bill of materials (BOM), which stands for a multi-level list of elements, including components with the quantities required to produce a prototype.

We additionally prepare technical documentation which contains all the necessary data to enable the production of a prototype.



Drive control


Design, interface, and analysis of sensor data


Detectors and sensors for measurement systems


Wireless communication

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth
  • GPRS
  • NB – IOT
  • LTE / LTE-M

Wire communication

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • RS422
  • USB
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • 1-Wire
  • Parallel bus
  • Ethernet


  • DALI
  • DMX
  • Interbus

Rapid prototyping on Arduino and Nucleo platforms


LED technologies for lighting


Controllers and inverters for high-performance electronics

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Experienced interdisciplinary team

Our team consists of more than 50 engineers – automation specialists, mechanics, constructors, designers, electronics, programmers, and software engineers who work with us.



We transfer copyrights and all created files relevant to the further development of the project within the scope of cooperation.

Challenging projects

We specialise in unique projects. We are not afraid to take on the most demanding and complicated projects.

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