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Industrial design

Our industrial design specialists will do their best to ensure that your project is not only in line with the latest market trends, but also that it is comprehensible to the user. The products designed by our team always stand out for their well-chosen form and style.


Design audit

Within the scope of a design audit, we identify the needs of the company and its customers in order to search for opportunities to develop the product offer in terms of improving the design of the offered products. We take care to maintain the consistency of industrial design with the image of the company. The phase consists in an overview of similar market solutions and an analysis of competition in order to determine the prevailing trends.

The result of our work is a general evaluation of the product offer in terms of the quality and consistency of industrial design and a dedicated list of recommendations in the area of possible directions of development of a given product, product category or the full range of the company’s offer – depending on the needs and scope of cooperation.

Design analysis

Due to the design analysis of your product, you have a chance to strengthen the market position of your company and understand the possibilities of building a competitive advantage based on improving the product design.

Within the scope of the design analysis, we analyse the current product, its specifications, requirements, and assumptions, we also review similar market solutions and analyse the competition. We then identify problems, challenges and key areas for improvement based on the information gathered.

Conceptual design

Take your idea one step further towards commercialisation.

The service starts with research of the project issues. The next step is the concept incubation process, i.e., weighing up various ideas. From among the incubated ideas, we will perform a mutual evaluation and selection with the client in order to determine the best solutions in terms of meeting the assumptions:

  • functional,
  • technological
  • aesthetic 

Depending on the results of the process and the client’s needs, the outcome of the work on the conceptual design may result in

Full product development process

Create with us a modern design of a new product from beginning to end, without unnecessary complications and problems.

Full process of product design assumes professional cooperation and full responsibility for the process of concept development, starting with a design analysis or design audit, through conceptual design to the creation of prototypes for testing or demonstrations and ending with the preparation of appropriate product documentation from the design perspective.

We prioritise quality, risk minimisation and dynamic cooperation.



CAD Design


3D Modelling


Ergonomics analysis


Human Centered Design


Rapid prototyping

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Experienced interdisciplinary team

Our team consists of more than 50 engineers – automation specialists, mechanics, constructors, designers, electronics, programmers, and software engineers who work with us.



We transfer copyrights and all created files relevant to the further development of the project within the scope of cooperation.

Challenging projects

We specialise in unique projects. We are not afraid to take on the most demanding and complicated projects.

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